Program Description

In Synergy with Orthodox Metropolitanate of Singapore and South Asia

The merchant ship is the meeting place for people of different nationalities and religious beliefs, who are bound to live and co-operate in closed environments for a fairly long period of time. This implies that the crew is organized as a social group which, besides the rules and stereotypes that follow, is entangled in various kinds of conflicts, whether small or large, as different cultural and religious beliefs coexist within the group.

This program highlights the role and responsibilities of the Master and officers, as well as the crew employed in the global merchant fleet, in order to analyze the cultural and religious characteristics of the crew and how to make the safest possible assessment of the possible combinations of seafarers by shipping companies. Also, there is also a special reference to the role of the International Conventions STCW and MLC, since they constitute the legal framework for working and living crews on commercial ships.

Finally, the program analyses Resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even significant sources of stress, serious health problems or other stressors at sea. It is an effective approach that improves the state of mind of the members of the crew, leading to improved thought patterns, more options and making a real difference in their life.

To whom it is addressed – Right to participate

The program is addressed to seafarers and graduates of schools of Merchant Marine, Maritime Studies, Shipbuilding, Mechanical Engineering. as well as students and graduates of various sectors wishing to enter the Maritime Industry, such as economists, political scientists, sociologists.

Program trainers

Isidoros Pachoudakis

Title: Professor of Sociology, School of Masters, Hellenic Merchant Marine Training Center

Stratos Spyrou

Title: Executive Director of International Institute of International Nautical Studies (Greek Branch)

Konstantinos Tsilis

Title: Metropolitan of Singapore and South Asia


The program has a duration of 2 weeks. The participation fee is 240 USD. To apply please contact us via email at